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- Do you drink, he said. - Yes, I do, I replied, and that was it. He filled my glass with a delightfully bright yellow wine, soft and crisp at the same time, as inspiring in its appearance as in its taste. At the very first sip I knew I was drinking a wine of grande classe, as the French say. It was light yet demanding at the same time, an intriguing match with corpulent fish dishes, or an absolutely magnificient companion to an aperitvo of sharp cheeses with dried fruit and honey. It was a Greco di Tufo DOC.G from Rocca dei Sanniti and I'll never have another Greco just like that.


Rocca dei Sanniti is a small wine producer in Benevento, Campania, in the south of Italy, and they make wine in the same way that people have for centuries, limiting all additions to the minimum to preserve the uniqe taste of the local grapes. The above is a description of my first taste of their Greco di Tufo, but the remarkably high quality is evident in all their wines, not only the Greco (which nevertheless remains my favourite to this day). I am incredibly proud and happy to be able to sell these wines, and I am confident that your first taste of these wines will be as amazing as mine was.


I sell these wines to private buyers inItaly and beyond. The final prize will depend on the harvest and on the shipping costs to your destination. I will always make an effort to limit the transport costs and I invite you to get in touch with me at for a quotation.




All Rocca Dei Sanniti Wines are natural wines, produced without chemicals, with minium technicological intervention and with no foreign yeast.

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